Game Playing with Some Social Benefits

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“Put a Hit on Cancer” with HITMAN!

PUT A HIT On Cancer!! Donate $1 for a PC digital copy of Hitman: Absolution!
Thanks to everyone who supported this donation drive and Put a Hit on Cancer with GameChanger, Square Enix and Hitman!!! The 47vsCancer campaign has ended (donations no longer accepted as of 12 AM ET 9/6/15). If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Campaign update (9/4) – We’re extending the Put A Hit on Cancer campaign through the weekend (Sunday 9/6 evening)! Limited # of Hitman codes available!

(9/2 update) The #47vsCancer campaign & Hitman barber shop was a wild success at PAX Prime, and continues at the GameStop Show! Thank you SO much to everyone who has Put A Hit on Cancer! Donations accepted through 9/4 or until codes run out…don’t miss your chance to get a copy of Hitman Absolution by donating $1!!

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To celebrate the upcoming launch of the new Hitman video game & movie, GameChanger is proud to partner with Square Enix by offering a FREE PC digital copy of Hitman: Absolution to anybody who donates at least $1 on this site!

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to join Agent 47 on assignment to PUT A HIT ON PEDIATRIC CANCER and add this game to your STEAM collection! Donate now, Agent! See official terms below.

Campaign Details

The week-long donation drive will launch on 8/28 at PAX Prime in Seattle (8/28-8/31) and will end after the GameStop Show in Vegas on 9/2!

For those attending PAX Prime, please come to our pop-up barbershop at the Square Enix booth #3646 where we’ll shave your head to resemble Agent 47’s iconic bald look, free of charge! In fact, for each head shaved, Square Enix will donate $47.00 to GameChangers Charity and their mission of supporting children battling cancer!!

For those who want to participate but prefer keeping their hair, you can still put a hit on cancer AND receive a free Steam code for Hitman Absolution by simply making a donation of at least $1.00 to GameChangers Charity!

Put A Hit on Cancer with HITMAN, Square Enix & GameChanger!


In addition to receiving a STEAM key of Hitman Absolution for donations of at least $1, donors are also eligible to receive AWESOME priz

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